Our Gratitude Wall  

I am beyond excited and grateful to God for this Gratitude Wall that I have created. This is your page to say ‘thank you’ to anyone and anything. You can thank God, your friend, a stranger, your kids, yourself, your hands, your eyes, or even your mobile phone. Basically you can Thank here Anything and Everything.

I want gratitude to fill each person’s heart and my goal here is for us to share as many thank you messages as we can before the end of the year. Let’s create this experience where we keep scrolling down for hours and hours reading each other’s thank you messages and filling our hearts and those around us with gratitude and peace, and maybe some tears here and there 🙂

gratitude is contagious; it opens hearts and shares love. this is our safe space to spread it

We don’t thank people enough, we don’t thank ourselves enough and surely we don’t thank God enough. But once we do so, we create a ripple effect that can really spread positivity, healing, celebration, and greatness.

I am promising you here to write each day on this Gratitude Wall at least one thank you message and share it with you. And you will find my latest thank you messages for the day as the first comment below.

Shall we start? Here we go!

P.S: you do not have to share names if you don’t feel comfortable or add details. All you have to do is say “Thank you”