More Life. More Favorites

This is not a sponsored section, they are only things, people, videos, books, food and other random stuff that I currently like, passionate about, inspire me or simply put a smile on my face.

This section will be updated whenever I get excited about something and I want to share with you. I cannot wait for you to send me your favorites and things you like because sharing is caring.

You may not like one, some or maybe all of my current favorites and that is ok as we all have different tastes, perspectives and things that we like, inspire or make us smile. Sometimes those things change with time, but the one thing should not is your eagerness to find things that excites you.

Below are some of my current favs. No chronological order whatsoever!


The Forty Rules of Love

“The Forty Rules of Love, A Novel of Rumi” Book by Elif Shafak: I love Rumi no wonder I have a dedicated section for his quotes. While reading this Book, my heart was filled with gratitude, love and compassion towards all God’s creatures starting with me. Rumi takes me to one of those Happy Moments.

Over The Rainbow Yoga Studio

She left the corporate world and followed her soul, the answer was Yoga. One of the newcomers yet impactful yoga studios in Jordan. She is practicing and teaching for a good cause, and most of the time the journey of healing starts within. I am proud of you! Please check her studio on Instagram: over_the_rainbow_yoga, or view her website…

Greatest Life Lessons

Everything and anything related to Tony Robbins, I LOVE how passionate he is. I have to pace the room when I listen to him, he makes me so energetic like no tomorrow. One of the coming goals is to attend one of his live sessions.

Year of Yes

“The Year of Yes” Book by Shonda Rhimes: I actually stood up while writing about this book because IT CHANGED MY LIFE. LITERALLY. I was closing doors to any new opportunities, to anything that is new, scary and outside my comfort zone, I was not living! Once I read this book I started living More Life ☺

Dubai Dance Out

Dance Out Dubai at Le Meridien Mina Al Seyahi Fitness Club: I connect with my Soul when I Dance. I feel like a butterfly flying and flying and flying happily. Shadi thank you for keeping up with me. Your energy is contagious. Please check him out on Instagram: dubaidanceout

The Leader Who Had No Title

“The Leader Who Had No Title“ Book by Robin Sharma: This book has changed the way I work and perform within an organization, the role I play and people around me. It is still one of those books that I keep very near by to read from again every now and then

Eats and Treats

Eliane @ Eats & Treats: I was the first person that she tried her recipes on. I don’t cook but I have great taste buds! The advantage of having a talented chef colleague sitting right next to your office. I always feel like her younger sister (although I am waaayyy older) who she wants to make sure she is fed first thing in the morning. I have not thanked you enough for feeding me, listening to me, bearing with me when I have one of those terrible twos tantrums and not judging me for never cleaning any of those tupperwares of goodies you give me (really sorry xoxo). To try her healthy gluten free, vegan recipes check her Instagram page: eatsandtreatsdxb, or her website…


Belquis Bags: She is my best friend, studied law together, graduated together, been friends for ages now, ended up in the same organization, fighting the same fights, her husband is my close friend as well, our families know each other and she wants to find me an Aussie guy as she has lost hope in my choices! BUT that is not why I love her bags, the Italian leather, the colours, the dedication, the sweat and time she put into this, the juggling between two careers, two kids, two families and one husband. Check her collection out at Instagram page: belquisbags, or her website…

What are your Favorites?